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Websites don't have to be a huge financial burden. Rather than pushing one-size-fits-all packages with features you may not need, Image 66 Services' a la carte design approach gives the small business control over its Internet presence.

For example, a restaurant website probably doesn't need an online shopping cart system -- but an interactive menu to display specialty entrées could be a site's centerpiece. On the other hand, that same shopping cart option could open up a new market for a used book store.

While a la carte pricing will benefit smaller businesses, larger companies may want to build and maintain more complex websites. Image 66 Services understands budgetary constraints and will quote setup and maintenance fees on a contract basis. E-mail us to tell us what you want.

Another web headache is stale content. Some businesses post a website and then forget that it exists. Image 66 Services can maintain your pages -- even FAXing your e-mail to you on a daily basis. We can also set up targeted e-mail solutions, where your customers sign-up for weekly or monthly electronic newsletters. Jim O'Malley'

Many web designers use programs that allow them to build web pages without knowing how or why they work. I starting learning HTML back in '95. Since then, innovations such as JavaScript, cascading style sheets, PHP and XML have been added to the basic architecture of the WWWeb. While there are some technologies I haven't begun to experiment with, I still pride myself in continuously learning new techniques and refining existing skills. I am also a proficient digital graphic artist, able to make custom artwork, including animated .gif files.

To summarize, I want to build an effective website for you, one within your budget. If you want a specific application that I'm not familiar with, I'll find a solution for you ASAP.

I look forward to serving your Internet needs.

Jim O'Malley, owner

If you have a larger project, please consider getafreelancer.com.
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