Mobile Notary Public

Need a document notarized, but you can't break away to find one? Or maybe it'd be easier for a notary to come to you rather than get several signers to meet at a notary's office. In either case, call Jim at 806.316.8375 or email me to set an appointment.

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Fee schedule for Notarial Acts


Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment, register and seal 4.00
Each notice of protest 1.00
Protesting in all other cases 4.00
Certificate and seal to a protest 4.00
Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal:
    (1) for the first signature 6.00
(2) for each additional signature 1.00
Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal 6.00
All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for 6.00
Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public's office, for each page .50
Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words .50
Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition 6.00
All notarial acts not provided for 6.00
Tex. Gov't. Code Ann. 406.024

DISCLAIMER: I am a Notary Public, bound by the laws of the State of Texas. I am not an attorney or legal representative of any of my clients and therefore can not and will not render any legal advice on preparation, draft or selection of legal documents.